Beştaş Kız Guest House is a boutique dormitory for girls. With its students and its staff who are like sisters and brothers, friendly and understanding managers, clean, safe and spacious working areas, dining areas and rooms, we fully respond to your search for hunters girls' dormitory and provide you with a safe stay; Supporting our students' lessons with the resources available in our library, providing a spacious environment for our students not to get bored while studying, organizing activities for their visa and final stresses, having fun and laughing are some of the services we offer to our valuable students.

We approach the Beştaş Girls' Guest House students by putting them in the shoes of our children, not as customers, we listen to them and share their troubles. With our years of work experience and discipline, we know very well how to approach our students in the best way and how to be partners with their troubles, and therefore, when we say hunters girls 'dormitory, our students' parents think of Beştaş Girls 'Guest House as the hunters girls' dormitory. We promise our valued students and parents that this perception will grow day by day by adding value without any deterioration, and we take this as our duty.

As Istanbul girls 'dormitory, we wish our female students to choose the best schools and to receive education in the professions that make them happier and of course all our students who are looking for hunters girls' dormitories; We welcome you to our girls 'dormitory, Beştaş Girls' Guest House, where we will create a cute family atmosphere and a home environment.